Today, I am better than yesterday because of 1-866-NEW-LUNG. The tools that NEW LUNG has equipped me with have been life-changing. . . My specialist, Vanessa, was very knowledgeable and really inspired me. . . She gave me a new perspective on my story - just because my parents smoked, didn’t identify with who I was. That revelation turned the lights on for me. I got it and was ready to accomplish my goal.
— Mary Shelley || Quit date: January 2019

This program really helped me to stop smoking with support and the steps to walk through each week. I could be strong and get the progress done. So far, so good!
— Corine Redira || Quit date: January 2019

5 Star Review
1. Non-Judgmental
2. Positive People
3. Positive -Re-enforcement
4. Common Sense Approved
5. For determined people
— Ruth Jankowski || Quit Date: March 2019
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