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English Materials

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Quit Smoking Today

Spread the word with these informational brochures.


Supporting Someone

Support your friends and family who want to quit.


Waiting Room Puzzles

Something to keep your mind and hands busy.

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Referral Form for Health Providers

Do you have clients/patients that smoke? Complete this referral form and fax/email it to us. We will follow up with them and offer free cessation services in their area.

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Nicotine Patch Information

Learn how and why nicotine patches are the recommended nicotine replacement therapy method.

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Curb the Urge

Most cigarette cravings only last between 5 to 10 minutes. Here’s how to combat them.

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How to Apply Patches

Instructions for nicotine patches.


Spanish Materials

Korean Materials

Vietnamese Materials

Farsi Materials

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Dejar de Fumar Hoy


Apoyar a Alguien

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Información de Parches de Nicotina

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Instrucciones del parche de nicotina

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Bỏ Thuốc Lá Hôm Nay


Hỗ Trợ Ai đó

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Thông Tin Về Miếng Dán Nicotine

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Cách Sử Dụng Miếng Dán Nicotine

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오늘부터 금연


누군가의 금연을 도울 때

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니코틴 패치 정보

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니코틴 패치 사용 방법

니코틴 패치 지침

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از امروز ترک کنید




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اطلاعات درباره چسب نیکوتین