Strategies to Curb Those Nagging Urges

Did you know that if you chew on a cinnamon toothpick, then try to smoke afterwards, the taste is very unpleasant? There are many strategies you can use to stunt your urge to smoke. Tobacco Cessation Specialists will provide tools and strategies to help you find out which works best for you.

Follow-Up Support

Tobacco Cessation Specialists will check in with you for additional support at 30-day, 90-day, and 180-day benchmarks after you have completed services.

Free Nicotine Patches
Adults 18 years and older will receive a free supply of nicotine patches.

Quit Kit
Receive a free quit kit filled with different ways to deal with cravings. The quit kit includes: decaffeinated tea, straws, flavored toothpicks, and gum.

Personalized Quit Plan
Understand your smoking habits and develop a plan to quit for good.

Stress Management
Learn deep breathing exercises and other tools to deal with stress without lighting up.