Youth Programs

Each day, more than 3,200 American teens smoke their first cigarette.
An additional 2,100 become daily cigarette smokers.
Approximately 90% of adults who smoke, started smoking by the age of 18.

What We Offer

Services available

Just the Facts
Our tobacco cessation specialists will teach youth about what is inside tobacco products and why they are harmful.

Make a Quit Plan
We assist them in making a quit plan specific to their needs.

Vapes and Electronic - Cigarettes
We cover information regarding the effects of vaping and electronic - cigarettes.
For vape and e-cig information, click here.

We provide a one-time 60 minute seminar to give youth the support they need during their quitting process.

5 Week Class Series
This class meets for one hour per week, for 5 weeks, to provide steps to quitting and guidance on how to stay quit. Classes are held on district sites, youth organization sites, or school campuses.